We reach your goal together so you can take an independent leading position.

Glenfis provides continuous supports in the robust and ongoing deployment of IT governance. With advice and assistance, we accompany you through with the implementation of a new strategy or methodology until your IT governance and service management is fully integrated into the organisation and can be managed and supervised independently by your IT team.

Cloud & Sourcing Transformation

Joint development of transformation goals and implementation approach as a basis for the deployment and anchoring of governance structures, -roles
and -processes in the organisation. More...

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Development of a governance system with coherent IT management principles and clear responsibilities to safeguard optimal interaction between business and compliance requirements. More...

Service and Sourcing Management

Determination of a target operation model (TOM), providing the basis for the creation of a controlled operating environment as well as an needs-oriented IT service. More…

Cyber Security and Information Security

Development of an effective safety concept that safeguards the deployment of cyber- mobility and cloud security solutions. Controlled access protection with consistent identity & access management. More…

ITSM Tool Assessment and -Evaluation

Support with performance criteria and in the selection of solution concepts for service requests automation and service management processes, up to provider selection and deployment, integration and migration. More…

Value added

You gain a knowledge head start thanks to our first-hand experience and the broad knowledge of our certified and practised coaches. Moreover, you gain an understanding of the requirements of the IT market, helping your organisation to assume its own leading role in the IT sector.

Cloud & Sourcing Transformation

The shift away from internal IT service providers towards cloud-based service providers or external sourcing partners has brought significant changes for IT organisations. Thereby, the relationship between companies and suppliers has also changed. Away from technical operation and support, there is a far greater focus on the management of external solution providers and on the ongoing supervision and safeguarding of qualitative-, security-related- and legal compliance requirements.

The objective throughout is to ensure interoperability with remaining IT systems (hybrid solutions) or with other cloud providers, and to avoid vendor lock-in at all times.

As a coach for your team, we accompany the transformation process and make sure that the sourcing strategy develops into a positive business case. We ensure that the necessary roles and committees are defined and occupied in good time, and that you always maintain control of data and services.

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Definition of cloud & sourcing transformation Goals on the basis of a sourcing strategy
  • Coaching in the implementation of sourcing governance frameworks
  • Monitoring of the sourcing roadmap, preparation of a business case and the realisation of the sourcing process (design, selection, contracting, transition, operation)

Governance, Risk and Compliance

A governance structure that is tailored to the business ensures that objectives are achieved within the defined corporate strategy. We help you establish the necessary structures, principles and guidelines in such a way as to recognise and minimise risks at all times. Furthermore, with the corresponding control mechanisms, you are able to make optimal use of the available resources.

We can help you to construct the necessary controls internally or to implement these with external providers. This is – particularly important for auditing, when the internal control system (ICS) and reporting- and compliance regulations must be ensured with optimal accountability and transparency.

Working jointly, we develop and establish a consistent target system that you can utilise to achieve your IT goals, and which can be managed and controlled at all times. Aided by a balanced scorecard, we connect strategic initiatives and other enablers to operational performance criteria and in this way facilitate effective and meaningful monitoring.

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • IT governance concept and IT management system
  • KPI concept & management cockpit
  • ISAE3402/3000 control concept
  • Business & IT service continuity concept
  • Risk management & business impact analyses

Service and sourcing management

Business expects IT to be delivered as an integrated service. This goes beyond more functional requirements to include constant service quality with regard to availability and security, as well as compliance with all regulations all whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.

As a consequence of the changes that accompany these new cloud- and sourcing models, CIOS are being forced to rethink their existing operating models. Vital throughout is the incorporation of all influencing factors in a transformation program, towards the of establisment of a management system that can keep pace with current and future challenges.

We help you to define a target operating model (TOM) that is both tailored to your business and oriented towards the future strategy of your IT in the dimensions of governance, technology, organisation, services, employees and processes, including roles and competencies. The harmonious coordination of the individual dimensions allows you to improve your focus on your business strategy, to establish an effective and efficient organisation with clearly defined responsibilities, and to improve business support, compliance, scalability and flexibility.

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Target operation model: definition of processes, functions, roles, responsibilities, competencies, skillsets in cloud- and sourcing operations (e.g. cloud consumer, cloud auditor, cloud broker, cloud carrier, cloud provider)
  • Construction, conceptual design and implementation of a Service and Integration Management Modells (SIAM)
  • Construction, conceptual design and implementation of the service management system
  • Monitoring in the deployment of an ISO20000-compliant service management system, including scoping, certification authority selection and audit
  • Definition of service architecture and creation of a service portfolio & service catalogue
  • Definition of service strategy, service design, transition & operation processes, CSI approach (continual service improvement)

Cyber Security and Information Security

Alonside the significant benefits, the pervasion of networks carries its own unique and latent threat. Gaps in the security as well as careless behaviour on the side of users can be exploited by criminals, resulting in damage to data and systems. Such events can even threaten the existence of the company. Therefore, the security of business-relevant processes and data has become a key strategic issue.

The requirements for IT security demanded by modern business range from the determination of an acceptable level of security with regards to information distribution, the capacity to read or edit data, all the way to the elimination of potential external attacks. Nevertheless, data and information must be accessible for all legitimate internal and external stakeholders, whilst meeting increasingly stringent laws and regulations. Alongside, the protection of data and systems should be protected at reasonable cost.

We help you to define and implement an adequate cyber-, information security- and IAM concept (identity and access management), to undertake a classification in line with corporate values, and to construct a risk management system that is optimally aligned to the business – all the way to readiness for ISO27001 certification.

Cybersecurity should be an integral component of your information security concept and should be implemented and maintained within the organisational context. To this end, we combine strategic alignment with the operational practices and activities of day-to-day business.

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Creation of a security strategy and a data protection concept
  • ISMS conceptual design and implementation
  • Accompaniment through the implementation of an ISO20000-compliant service management system, including scoping, selection of certification authority, and audit
  • Cyber security concept and implementation
  • Cloud security concept on the basis of ISO27017 and ISO27018
  • Conceptual design of identity and access management and implementation in the cloud & sourcing environment

ITSM Tool Assessment and -Evaluation

The true benefits of comprehensive sourcing- and service management processes only become apparent only when the interaction between people, processes and technology is harmonious. Here, it is valuable to employ a range of supporting tools, whose appropriate. Utilisation is the only means of ensuring the efficient management of information flows between involved processes and of laying foundations for the ongoing identification of optimisation potential.

This is the challenge for the tool industry. Nevertheless, users are also spoiled for choice in their search for the right solution, users are also spoiled for choice. We can help you to evaluate the suitable tools, verify the compatibility of process support with regard to automation requirements, and provide you with qualitative decision criteria in the selection of service management tools. These lay the technical and organisational foundations towards the implementation service orchestration in your organisation.

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • ITSM tool assessment (glenfisPassed, official ITIL® Endorsement)
  • ITSM tool evaluation – from requirements catalogue to integration aspects, all the way to the full invitation to tender and selection of tool provider
  • ITSM solution analyses (governance, process support, operational concept, strategic positioning)
  • ITSM tool integration/migration and implementation
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