The best consulting is rooted in an understanding of your IT requirements and of our approach.

The areas of IT infrastructure and -application are increasingly moving away from internal-company departments to professional service providers. In this process, Glenfis helps you to identify the opportunities and possibilities for your IT organisation and your IT management.

Consulting in business, strategy and sourcing

Position your IT organisation as a qualified service provider with up-to-date sourcing- and service-management strategies and solution concepts. More…

Audits, assessments and «readiness checks»

Quality assessment of your governance structures and -processes. SWOT- and GAP analyses reveal potential for improvement and highlight opportunities and risks. More…

Roadmaps for sourcing, service- and process-improvement

Realistic work packages; resource- and implementation plans. How can gaps in quality-assured governance be closed and added value lastingly safeguarded? More…

Value added

In the course of our consulting services, you receive a roadmap that serves as a reference guide and is a valuable monitoring tool in all ongoing steps towards the establishment of a mature IT organisation.

Consulting in business, strategy and sourcing

The greatest challenge in IT today is to generate not only sustainable value of investment (VOI) but also efficiency and productivity, and in this way to contribute to the long-term success of the company.

Throughout, it is essential to meet the requirements imposed by governance and compliance, to guarantee availability and to ensure stability and cost transparency. Other decisive issues are multi-layered security requirements and economic management against a backdrop of increasing complexity.

Glenfis offers a holistic range of consulting services that are aimed at addressig these challenges and setting the appropriate responses in motion:

  • Positioning of your IT within the company
  • Cloud & sourcing strategy process
  • SIAM - Service and Integration Management Strategy process
  • Leadership concept and cockpit for supervision on the basis of best practice frameworks and standards
  • Governance and compliance workshops

Learn how your IT can be successfully aligned with the business strategy. How services can be efficiently sourced and managed, the decisions that need to be made with respect to sourcing strategies, architecture- and process management, and much more. Contact your Glenfis experts now.

Audits, assessments and ‘readiness checks’

In these times of rapid change, is your business and IT organisation configured to meet the new requirements?

Technology management is increasingly, becoming a ‘commodity’ – and one that demands a correspondingly standardised approach. Cloud computing is competing with internal IT organisations through the use of new sourcing models that are of great benefit to business. Mobility and 24/7 data availability are overburdening existing IT infrastructures. Major security challenges are posed by Bring Your Own Device, social media, and Big Data.

Where is there a need for action in your business? In efforts to answer this question, a transparent analysis of the status quo is equally as important as the definition of goals, the gauging of suitable routes and the early detection of potential obstacles.

To this end, we can accompany you with a comprehensive and integral range of services:

  • Maturity assessments for sourcing- and service management processes
  • Governance & compliance concept analyses
  • Evaluation of information-, mobile-, cloud- and cyber-security concepts
  • ITSM Tool assessment to verify ITIL compliance (glenfisPassed)
  • Strategic positioning of the ITSM Tool with respect to strategy, process support, operational concept and technology
  • Readiness checks ahead of certification for ISO/IEC 20000 or ISO/IEC 27001
  • Quality review of sourcing-, ISMS- and ITSM processes in the framework of a regular audit service

Gain an independent, transparent and granular assessment of the current capabilities of your organisation. Profit from our broad expertise, as well as from comparability and benchmarking, planning security and effective process optimisation. Contact your Glenfis experts now.

Roadmaps for sourcing, service and process-improvement

In this area of our consulting services, the journey really is the goal. More precisely, we identify needs for action with the aim of improving governance structures or processes for IT (re-)organisation, providing you with a roadmap that shows you how to reach these goals.

With an eye for feasibility and guided by the principle of ‘less is more’, this roadmap focuses your energies, sets manageable milestones, and enables the successful implementation of the new strategy and the positioning of your IT organisation. To ensure a smooth transition, efforts are taken throughout to avoid friction with stakeholders, sponsors and key individuals in your organisation.

The following consulting services guide the way for your IT organisation:

  • Roadmap definition for the implementation of the sourcing- & service management strategy, including work packages, resource planning and scheduling
  • Definition of the sourcing governance framework and related artefacts for the sourcing process (incl. processes, roles and responsibilities)
  • Definition of the sourcing management framework and related artefacts for ITSM processes (incl. processes, roles and responsibilities)
  • Definition of an ISMS framework tailored to your business

The roadmap helps to keep the logical independence of work packages and your specific work input as transparent as possible, and assists in the derivation of support and coaching requirements from Glenfis. Find out more from your Glenfis experts.

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